Thursday, December 31, 2009

Training this week

I've been pretty good about training this week. I missed my 5 mile run, but I made it up today, and decided to skip the second 3 mile run. I'm also suffering from another injury. I have a weird pain behind my left knee. It hurts more when walking then running. I think I may have pulled a muscle on my 8 mile run on Saturday. It seems to be getting a little better. Since I'm staying up late blogging tonight, I'll take the day off tomorrow and hopefully it will be feeling better for my 8 mile run on Friday. Can't wait!

Anyway, on Monday, I did 3 miles in 25:45. I think this was my fastest yet.

Today I did 5 miles using Yasso 800s, and ended up in 46, and that included walking the last .1 mile because I set the timer for 45 minutes by accident. I've been doing the run part of the Yassos between 6.7 and 7.0, and the jog part between 6.0 and 6.2 miles/hour.

My mom recently got an elliptical, and she gave me her treadmill! I'm excited to be able to workout in my house instead of always going to the gym. It will be great for easy runs, or to do some cross training (walking) on non-running days.

Although I love the snow we've been getting, I'm also looking forward to warmer weather so I can run outside. Treadmills are BORING!

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